The Relational Center

Year-End Appeal 2018

Every year we host a year-end appeal that offers our supporters one last opportunity to make a tax-deductible donation to The Relational Center before the end of the calendar year. Our goal for the 2018 year-end appeal is $30,000. These funds are critical for sustaining The Relational Center’s community. With your support, we can continue to integrate individual healing and systemic cultural change through affordable comprehensive mental health services to low-income and marginalized folks. Help us build stronger, more empathic communities that can change the world!

Who We Are

We exist to promote the essential importance of relationships. When we value our connections with others and with the environment, we create the necessary conditions for health and sustainability. So our work promotes personal, interpersonal, and social practices that help people build strong, resilient relationships. Our programs provide healing support, a space for community building, and tools for leadership.

What We Do

Get Empathy

Trains allies in schools and youth-serving organizations to foster leadership and civic engagement among young people. Teacher Training * Youth Leadership

Leadership Institute

Trains leaders in mission-driven institutions to catalyze community engagement and social transformation. Consultation * Clinical Training * Community Gestalt Therapy

Community Project

Draws people close to resist isolation and nurture health through counseling, groups, workshops, and volunteering. Counseling Request * Groups & Workshops

Why We Do It

To Protect

We are connected with
the whole ecology. So
what feeds connection
also nourishes us.


To Confront

As part of the ecology,
human life comes under
threat when these
connections unravel.


To Gather

To overcome this threat,
we need a culture
that keeps us nourishing
these connections.


To Take

To catalyze this
kind of culture,
The Relational Center
takes three actions.


Our Get Empathy campaign spreads empathy through a peer education curriculum taught to students, teachers, mentors, and allies nationally. This campaign also inspires leadership among young people and builds community in schools and organizations devoted to youth development and citizen engagement.

Our Leadership Institute inspires leadership by teaching and coaching a variety of changemakers in mission-driven organizations internationally. The institute also spreads empathy through popular education and builds community by nurturing leadership circles and action networks.

Our Community Project in Los Angeles is designed to demonstrate that when we build community, we have more resources to draw upon when confronting threats to our values. The project also spreads empathy through healing support and inspires leadership by giving people opportunities to volunteer, share stories, and participate in social action.

The Relational Center’s mission is to lead a shift to a culture that values empathy, diversity, and interdependence. We envision a world in which communities collaborate to practice mindful compassion, mutual support, and civic engagement.

The Relational Center is a 501c3 nonprofit community organization.