Antonia Czinger, AMFT

My way of conducting therapy is relational and eclectic. I like to take a holistic approach that takes your stressors and supports into account, along with anything that might be going on systemically. I am very interested in who you are as an individual, but I also believe that since you do not exist in a vacuum, you cannot heal yourself in a vacuum either. Often cycles exist and continue to exist due to beliefs and behaviors that are passed on from our environments and the people surrounding us—both past and present. Sometimes, we find ourselves stepping into a very old story or into one that has been written by someone else. Rewriting these stories can change not only how we view ourselves but also our relationship with the world.

I have a background in the entertainment industry which offers me a unique perspective. If you are a creative or working in the industry, I am familiar with the field and its potential for both highs and lows. I am warm and empathetic and like to work with what is happening in the here and now as well as with whatever context you bring in. I am fluent in German. My mother is German and my father is from Ohio and I myself spent most of my childhood moving around—I moved from Berlin to London to Connecticut to Northern California to Ohio and back to Connecticut. If moving around often or being a third culture kid is part of your story, we may have something additional in common.

I graduated from Yale with a degree in Theater Studies and then obtained my masters in clinical psychology from Pepperdine. I have been training with The Relational Center since January 2021.

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