Evan McCrary, ACSW

When it comes to practicing healing work, my care runs deep. My passions for community, emotional wellbeing and background in social work have led me on a journey to co-create and provide a container where people can feel comfortable “taking off their cool” – to get raw, vulnerable, and foster deeper intimacy, connection, compassion, understanding and knowledge of themselves. I specialize in being there, being present and in it with you. In this culture, we’ve learned to navigate our experiences, stories, narratives and their present impacts alone, but through our sessions, I will assist you by therapeutically walking by your side.

Together, we will co-create the brave space and container of care, and collaborate in the healing work. You are the expert of your experience, and the work that we will do will support you in exploring, discovering, creating and becoming the authority of/in your own life and calling your power back to you. You creating a pleasurable life is a key component to you living your most fulfilled life. This courageous choice to seek your healing is about us both being present to bear witness to the growth and creation of you.

My style of therapy is based in curiosity and non-judgment, is collaborative, embodiment-based, mindfulness-oriented, involves humor, and the occasional pop culture reference.

I am particularly interested in working with POC, Black Womxn, LGBTQIA+, adults ( 18+).​

(626) 429-5233