Fox M., AMFT

Hello, my name is Fox M. and I am an inclusive, 2slgbtqia+ affirmative and culturally responsive Therapist (certified in Sex Therapy, trained in EMDR and trauma informed). I have a deep passion for working with individuals on the impacts of trauma, identity exploration, self-worth, shame, sex related topics and purpose; as well as with all intimate relationship types and lifestyles, including kink, BDSM, monogamy and consensual non-monogamy (CNM) / polyamory. I am also in progress of attaining a certification in CNM Relationships from the Sexual Health Alliance.

I identify as a pansexual, panromantic, polyamorous, bi-racial, Black & BIPOC femme person. Having endured an adverse upbringing, my struggles have inspired me to help others by looking at the many factors that have impacted and shaped who we are, so that we can become our authentic selves. This is why I value working in a style that is compassionate, non-shaming, relational and collaborative.

Finding a therapist who you resonate with is of the utmost importance for your healing path. I strive to create an environment where you feel heard in order to access parts of the Self that may have been unacknowledged or pushed away… and are in need of compassion. I truly believe pleasure, joy, and embodiment are acts of radical liberation in our systemic and overwhelming society and I hold a personal goal of empowering people to heal holistically.
(747) 271-3322