Krista Page

I believe there is a natural connection between the peace we wish to see in our communities, the peace we foster in our relationships with others and the peace we seek to have within ourselves. I welcome therapeutic relationships that honor each other’s humanity while also centering clients and their needs. I’ve been trained in Relational Gestalt theory and also integrate Feminism, Liberation Psychology, and Affirmative Therapy. My approach is direct, dynamic and full of compassion while sticking to values such as accountability, adaptability, cultural humility, interdependence, and creativity. I do my best to offer a nonjudgmental and brave space where we can collaborate with each other to create a healing environment. At the end of it all, I’m here to listen, share perspective, offer psychoeducation (info and skills), help validate your truths and support you in strengthening your voice while building trust with your own intuition. I will never claim to be a guru but I am motivated to share what I’ve learned so far. I’ll meet you where you’re at. Specialties include: trauma, existentialism, social justice, compassion fatigue, life transitions and couples therapy.