Counseling Request

PLEASE NOTE: As of July 2021, our wait-list is approximately 2 months long. We encourage you to check out our groups and you can call us to find out more about them or ask any other questions: 323-935-1807.

Taking the first step towards building more support in your life takes courage. We’re honored to be one of the resources you are reaching for. As you fill out this form, the more information you are comfortable providing, the better. The information you submit here will not be shared with anyone outside of The Relational Center. If you are more comfortable speaking with someone over the phone to submit your request, we welcome your call. If you have already submitted a request, you are welcome to contact us for an update on your waiting list status. We can be reached at (323) 935-1807. Both of our monthly plans include access to groups and classes. See our catalog of offerings for more information, or sign up now.