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When you make a financial gift to The Relational Center, you're joining forces with an inspiring community of supporters.
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Monthly Giving Plans

We deeply appreciate your recurring gifts. The more consistently our donors contribute, the more predictable our future. The more clarity we have about what our financial situation is, the more effective we can be at delivering value to our stakeholders.  Consider which of the following plans best matches your ability to give:

Change Maker

  • In one year, you will cover the cost of one month of mental health counseling for one of our members!

Movement Builder

  • In twelve months you’ll cover the cost of feeding students who attend our Get Empathy trainings.

Game Changer

  • In twelve months you’ll cover a clinical training scholarship for a mental health graduate trainee!


The Angell Foundation
The Annenberg Foundation
The Paul & Monica Bancroft Family Foundation
Crown Family Philanthropies
The Daniel W. Dietrich II Trust, Inc.
The Diller von-Furstenberg Family Foundation
The Ralph M. Parsons Foundation

Major Donors

Steve and Nancy Crown
Dave Comfort & Kasey Crown
Akbar Hasan Trust
Chad Hostetler
Paula & Barry Litt
The Newman Family
The Resnick Family

What Our Supporters Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us. Let our donors do the talking!

“The Relational Center is addressing cultural concerns in a different way than any other non-profit organization that I am aware of. In a world where we humans seem to be increasingly more isolated from one another, The Relational Center is committed to revitalizing values and practices that impact individuals as well as communities and institutions. I have attended their story-telling trainings myself, and the work inspires me. So my end-of-the-year client gifts are now given as donations to The Relational Center. And in this moment in our history, their work feels more important now than ever.” Steve Maher

Real Estate Agent, Nourman & Associates

“I support The Relational Center because I am deeply moved my their continued commitment to creating connections, building bridges, and empowering people by developing strong and passionate community leaders. The work of The Relational Center is, in essence, to instill empathy into individuals and communities – work which is vital to our health and well-being, and the survival of the human race. I contribute because I need this work to continue.” Heather Huff

Psychotherapist, Heather Huff MFT

I’ve been donating annually to The Relational Center since it was first established. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind organization that reflects my own values of equity, empathy and social justice. TRC is dedicated to building a workforce of people who are community leaders, not merely service providers. It isn’t just an organization that serves individuals; it’s a driving force within a growing social movement that prioritizes mutuality, diversity and interdepenence.  I want to help sustain a movement that empowers leaders committed to those same values.” Daniel Getzoff


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