A Message From Our Board Chair…

My name is Lisa and I am the new Chair of the Board of Directors for The Relational Center. I am very excited and honored to step into this role as it celebrates 10 years of service to the community! I truly believe relationships are primary. This is a core principle of The Relational Center and is how I know I am home here.

When I first had my daughters my world was turned upside down as I was suddenly responsible for two lives – in addition to my own work, as well as all the new friends and activities that come with kids. Something I learned early on and still use to this day are five key questions to identify why your baby is crying:

  1. Is she hungry?
  2. Is she thirsty?
  3. Does she need a diaper change?
  4. Is she tired?
  5. Or does she just need some hugs-love-connection?

Now that  my daughters are older, I find the connection part is often the one that needs the most attention.  It’s clear that the need for connection is just as important and critical as the need for food, water and sleep.  Our relationships to others are vital to our overall health. And sometimes we need help nourishing these connections to each other and to the larger community. Of course, that is the work The Relational Center is doing!

The Relational Center is a safe place that facilitates connection and vulnerability with others through an understanding of our common struggles, shared dreams, and our need for meaningful relationships in community. It employs many different strategies and activities to reach these goals, including counseling and other wellness services, leadership development and civic engagement, just to name a few.

Before joining the Board, I had several experiences over the years with The Relational Center. They led the homeless coalition I worked with through our 5-year strategic planning process. They provided mental health trainees to work with the homeless youth and adults at Common Ground. And most recently they facilitated a staff retreat for my current team of healthcare professionals.  Each of these interactions nourished different communities of which I was a part. And I benefited from all of it.  I wanted more.  I wanted to be a part of advancing its work and expanding its reach.

I hope you will join with me to support The Relational Center today.  I know first-hand how valuable this gem of an organization is to the community. This is why I accepted the opportunity to serve as its Board Chair.  I want to help others to understand the work of The Relational Center…to raise awareness of the needs of our community members and how we work to meet these needs. I also want to encourage others to join us as members, volunteers and donors. I hope you will consider making a tax-deductible donation today to ensure that The Relational Center can continue to provide a safe place for connection and community.

Best wishes for a wonderful holiday season!

Warm regards,

Lisa Fisher