Public Shared Experience (PSE)

A demystifying “Shared Experience” event to create more space for love and meaningful connection in the age of digital distractions. “Shared Experience” in terms of everyone has a role in the experience. Think of it like a yoga class for relating.

Group Details


When: Wednesday September 27th 2018

Where: The Relational Center

Event Part of Series: No, drop in event, usually last wed of month

Cost to Attend:  Free to TRC members with an encouraged small donations of $10 for non-members.

Need Therapist Recommendation: No

Facilitator: Stephanie Michele (Therapist would add their certifications here)

What to Bring: Bring a Friend. You might want to take some notes but other than that, just come as you are.

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Purpose of the Event

  • To experience the benefits of feeling understood, seen and connected to others.
  • To practice and learn techniques to use for deeper conversations with friends and loved ones.
  • To understand circumstances in the way of relating well, especially in first time encounters. (first date, introductions, first meeting)
  • To provide and practice tools for difficult conversations

Plenty of Street Parking on Side Streets.

Doors open at 6:45 pm, activities start promptly at 7:00 pm