Ayesha Yorba, AMFT, APCC

We all deserve to be cared for, listened to, and seen. In my work, I offer compassion, understanding, and acceptance as one navigates life’s greatest joys and hardships. It is my hope to provide you with a space where you are allowed to come as you are.

In a culture that prioritizes and values productivity, I welcome you to take it slow. I will take a stance of curiosity as we look closely at the complexities within your life. We will explore your sense of self and identity and how that relates to your experience of the world. I will encourage you to examine how your collection of experiences has led you to the person you are today. To discover the person you wish to be. It is my desire that you feel more connected with yourself, your body, and your relationships.

As a South-Asian therapist, I understand the unique balance between being raised in a collectivistic culture and living in a Western world. My aim is to understand what your experience has been and help you share the weight.

I use a relational, trauma-informed approach that implements Gestalt theory. As each client is different, I will collaborate with you to create a space that you need. I provide support to individuals processing trauma, anxiety, difficult family dynamics, identity exploration, relationship difficulty, and life transitions. I particularly enjoy working with adults, children, and teens of BIPOC and Muslim identities.

I would be honored to accompany you on your journey. I believe in the power of therapy. You deserve to heal.

If you feel that we may be a good fit, please email me to schedule a free 15-minute consultation.

Ayesha Yorba
(pronounced “I-sha”/2 syllables)