Chase Bishov, AMFT

I believe in the inherent worthiness of all human beings. Unfortunately, each of us likely have experiences in our lives that teach us that there is something wrong with who we at the core. Psychotherapy is a space for remembering and unearthing the self-love and gifts that each of us come into this life possessing. Through connecting authentically, being compassionately curious with whatever arises, and developing a deeper relationship with the body’s intelligence, I hope to help my clients become more expressed in who they truly are. I aspire to help my clients integrate this authentic self-hood into their lives so that they may build and deepen their relationships, connect more to their purpose, and experience the play, freedom, and pleasure that is our collective birthright.

I have worked with and am open to working with clients from a diversity of backgrounds and contexts. I feel particularly equipped at supporting folks moving through depression, anxiety, self-limiting beliefs, relationship obstacles, and trauma. Nowadays, I feel keenly passionate about working with folks interested in unpacking the ways that traditional stories of masculinity may have harmed them. I see embodiment work and reconnecting to one’s felt experience as primary ways of bringing forth a healthy masculinity and/or healing from harm caused by male-identified folks.

If any or all of what I shared resonates with you, please reach out to set up a free consultation to explore if we would be a good fit for working together. Thanks for taking the time to read this. I look forward to hearing from you.
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