Chelsey Reese, LCSW

I believe we all have the power within us to create meaningful life changes. As a therapist I work to create and hold a supportive space for individuals, couples, and families to be seen, felt, and heard. I lead with curiosity, meet clients where they are at, and encourage clients to engage in a reflective process. We can tap into our greatest strengths and potential when we take the time to process our thoughts, emotions, and lived experiences.

Utilizing a relational, holistic, and trauma-informed approach, I help people build self-awareness by tuning in to what’s happening in their bodies so that they can connect to the present moment, release stress, tension, or trauma, and build meaningful relationships with the world around them. Together my clients and I engage in somatic experiences, expand our perspectives, and explore ways to achieve greater wellbeing. There’s no one size fits all in terms of care so I aim to work in a way that is client centered and collaborative to meet individual needs. I welcome feedback and view it as an honor to engage in relational dialogue and to share space with my clients.
(323) 539-4633