Grace DeVoll, LMFT, APCC

I provide values-focused, trauma-informed therapy to couples, individuals, and adolescents seeking to improve their relationships, expand possibilities, and reassert agency over their lives. I will support you in identifying the many ways that language, environment, and culture shape your self-perception and seek to help you locate your stories within a larger context.

My approach is friendly and collaborative. I integrate principles of harm reduction, mindfulness practices, and somatic experiments with a postmodern theoretical perspective, with expertise in both narrative therapy and relational Gestalt theory. In therapy and in my personal life, I value creativity, interdependence, and humor, and am committed to working for equity and dignity for all people.

As human beings, we are engaged in a constant, iterative process of meaning-making. We tell stories to interpret and communicate the vastness of our lived experience, and to reinforce our sense of belonging through shared understanding. Our identities are co-created in collaboration with others as we move through life: communicating, connecting, affecting one another, revising, growing. Through strong interpersonal connection and a supportive space to focus on your needs, therapy can help you re-write your story to align with your goals.

My particular areas of interest include relationships, anxiety, career and life transitions, trauma, and working with millennials, adolescents, artists, and creative professionals.

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