Jessica Hyatt, AMFT, APCC

In my therapy space, I value a collaborative approach in order to foster your unique healing journey. You will bring your own lived self-knowledge and I will bring my perspective as a trauma-informed sex-positive professional. I have education in relational Gestalt, Jungian therapy, and embodiment, all of which we can draw from as we build a therapy that supports your growth. I also rely upon my lived experience as a queer neurodivergent person to inform my approach. My therapeutic style is warm and patient, and values humor and play.

I prioritize serving marginalized sexual identities and relationship styles. As a member of the queer community, I am passionate about providing therapy that is not just inclusive, but is LGBTQ+ affirming. I also enjoy supporting family and friends of queer individuals who are going through coming-out or transition journeys. I work with non-traditional intimate relationships including: polyamorous families, open marriages, kinky couples, and asexual and aromantic individuals.  I also offer non-stigmatizing care to sex workers of all kinds. If you are looking for a therapist who can hold space for your unique sexuality without pathologizing you or asking you to educate them, I would love to meet with you about your mental health needs.

I also pride myself on a trauma-informed practice that offers an embodied approach to healing, based upon the emerging science showing that our emotions live in the body as much as they do the mind. You do not have to remember or relive traumatic experiences in order to benefit from this sort of trauma therapy; Instead, we can focus on the ways in which trauma appears in your body and impacts your relationship patterns today.
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