Jon Century, AMFT

What meaning are you making about your struggles?

It seems that we are meaning-making creatures constantly trying to make sense of our experiences and what happens to us through a complex multilayered personalized lens of meaning-making. A lens affected by cultural, societal, religious & spiritual beliefs–to name a few–and it serves as our internal GPS navigating us, as best as we can, through our life’s many challenges. Our unique individual approach to meaning-making also becomes the breeding ground of the stories we create and articulate about our life.
However, sometimes the Stories We Create Cause More Pain Than The Experience.

Together, we will explore & dismantle the stories & patterns of relating that no longer support you. I will help you to increase your awareness of what choices are available so you can move past your limitations and reconnect with your Authentic Self. You hold the answers as the expert on you & I believe that we all can use some help finding them at times.

Besides my background in psychology & philosophy I’ve been a recording artist for two decades and worked with many creatives. My practice is rooted in a non-judgment curiosity-driven approach incorporating compassion, spirituality, mindfulness, existentialism, and humor. I am currently providing support via video & in-person hikes.

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Jon Century
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