Leah Turano, AMFT, APCC

I believe that we are holistic, interdependent, relational beings, more than the sum of our parts with deep complexity. I value the present, the here and now, while acknowledging that our lived experiences and ideas of the future inform where we sit in our present. Our therapeutic work together aims to increase awareness and acceptance. This is done through dialogue, meaning-making, curiosity, being present in the embodied experience and naming our access to choice. I lead sessions with curiosity.

I am deeply committed to helping folks be fully alive in their bodies, relationships, and work. It is an honor to witness clients uncovering their own truth and live it. I incorporate the deeper aspects of clients’ history, personality, aspirations and context to assist unlocking their potential for living a fully expressed life. The body and nervous system, along with the mind, are used to facilitate healing and growth which is not always available in traditional talk therapy.

Increasing access and awareness with equity and social justice is something that is of great importance in both my personal and professional life. I am passionate about calling out the injustices that exist in our society and being a part of a cultural shift that values empathy, diversity, and interdependence. I specialize in working with attachment, parenting, the perinatal journey, intimate partnerships, life transitions, separation + divorce, trauma, and identity. I find tremendous value supporting folks in connecting with a sense of purpose and meaning, connecting to their true identity.

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