Malcolm Jay, APCC

As a Black queer trans man, my focus is on creating an affirming, compassionate, open, and explorative space that meets people where they are and only serves to assist them in getting themselves where they want to be. When working with trans-identified clients, my approach is one of understanding that every transition, gender or life, is unique and each individual’s experience with transition holds its own levels of complexity based on who we are, where we come from and where we are going. A transition is just that, a time of change, of growth, and sometimes of struggle, and there is no one way to move through it. We all experience transitions, and many of us deal with barriers to those transitions set in place by systems we cannot control. As a trans person, I both hold my own relationship to the complexity of transition and a place of understanding and empathy for how that relationship shows up for others.

I hold the belief that we grow and change through relationships and because of that my style is relational, trauma-informed, collaborative and social justice-centered. It is not my job or purpose to help create tools for capitalism. I believe there are no predetermined paths or timelines for healing, and that the best way to get where you want is to focus on what keeps you safe, allows you time to rest and helps you create the community you want and need to thrive.

Malcolm Jay
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