Meredith Siller, JD, LMFT

My approach to therapy is rooted in my strong values of empathy, curiosity, choice, and consent. I hold deep care and compassion for my clients and feel honored to be on this journey with you. I practice in a relational, trauma-informed way that is attuned to your unique needs and life, often incorporating metaphor, imagery, and embodiment, as well as an activism lens. I have an easeful demeanor that is also playful; I will laugh and cry with you in our sessions. With a background in law, I am a fierce advocate for my clients, and I know from experience how challenging it can be to find work/life balance. I work with teens, adults, couples, and families, in areas including complex trauma, folks who may resonate with the terms “highly sensitive” and “empathic”, grief and loss, workplace stress, and anxiety. I grow with my practice and with my clients.
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