Nicholas van Bremen, PsyD, AMFT

These times are tough; the world out there is crazy. The pressure to be perfect is immense, you don’t know who is going to be recording you on their phone when you fall. How can you figure things out amidst this all the madness? But here’s where I come in. Step into a warm, private space where judgment and shame don’t exist. I’m here to listen, to sit with you in quiet, whatever you need.

Many people are unsure of their needs, and that’s where we’ll focus. I believe understanding our needs helps make life easier and clarifies purpose. Finding purpose, making meaning, and growth are the foundation of my practice. I help identify patterns, make connections, and work though life’s challenges. I love helping people find answers to long held questions. Let me help you release shame and embrace all aspects of yourself. With mindfulness, humor, compassion, and creativity, we’ll find meaning and growth.

With over nine years of experience, I specialize in working with adults who were bullied, LGBTQ people, and distressed couples. I’m educated in complex, social, and cultural trauma; internalized oppression and stigma; minority stress, shame, and belonging. Regardless, I am interested in whatever you need help with.

Please know, I’m not your typical therapist—I have tattoos, I cuss, and I love fun. I’ve been through tough times, and I’m here to help you navigate yours. If you want someone real to talk to, I am here for you.

Please reach out.

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