Quinn Knox, AMFT

Therapy has not only changed but also saved my life. I have always been interested in psychology due to being an adoptee and growing up in a blended family of various cultures and ethnicities. My struggles with addiction however was the tipping point that drove me to do some major introspection and ultimately paved the way for me to become a therapist. In my mid-twenties I started seeking personal therapy and it helped me work through childhood and sexual trauma, depression, anxiety, impulsive behaviors, and feelings of low self-worth. This experience has been eye-opening, humbling, and transformative. Having been a performer in the entertainment industry for many years I was also vulnerable to the extreme highs and lows and therapy helped me gain a better sense of consistency, routine, and balance in my life. 

For a long time, I was desperate to work on myself so I could be “good enough” to find the right partner. Over time, however, I realized that I needed to start becoming the person of my dreams, rather than hoping or relying on another human being. In addition to becoming a person of integrity who I am proud of, I also have been able to find and become part of various communities which has allowed me to have meaningful relationships.

Being able to dissect the reasons I was feeling unhappy and release shameful parts of myself has been tremendously instrumental in my growth as a person. Through my lived experience, I can affirm that therapy is a wonderful conduit for self-improvement and the great news is you have all the answers to your problems. My role as a therapist is to help you parse out and discover things about yourself you may have hidden, ignored, or complicated.  

My practice encompasses a wide range of people. Some of my main areas of focus include those dealing with sex and trauma issues, entertainment professionals, adoptees, and youth.

Quinn Knox