Sarah Breunig, LMFT

Everything in us is oriented toward survival. Survival of our surroundings and communities, survival of past experiences and present circumstances, survival of what might be. It is an awesome super-force constantly at work on our behalf. It is a resource working in our favor that deserves honor and respect.

But here’s the thing… surviving is not thriving.

So many of us want quality in our everyday experiences, relationships, and within ourselves and communities. We feel a desire to thrive.

Thriving can’t be found in the commercialized, systemized, commodified industries of wellness that bombard us with “shoulds” each day. They are found and created in relationships with ourselves, with others, and the Earth we live on.

What we create together is safety, space, and intimacy to discover and experience what surviving and thriving is. We collaborate and create ways to make everyday, embodied choices which honor your need to survive and cultivate your ability to thrive.

I create relationships with individuals and couples using an eclectic and collaborative approach. Together we will co-create emotional movement towards healing and thriving.
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