The Relational Center’s annual Year-End Appeal was our most successful end-of-year campaign to date. Thanks to an incentive program devised by Kaitlin Dull, our Community Engagement Specialist, there was wide-spread participation in the campaign from staff and volunteers.  Kaitlin and the rest of the Development Committee came up with fun rewards such as TRC tote bags and ice-cream socials. TRC is really focused on base-building right now, so goals were based mostly on the number of new donors rather than dollars raised.  Vincet, Shanit, Viviana, Emma, Khatya Albano, Hilary, Angelo Doss, Dinko Zidarich, Gabrielle Zhuang, Megan Morse, Abby, Kayla, Kelly, Sheri Henderson, Heather Huff, Jami Winkel, Dan Fink and Kaitlin Dull all made personal fundraising pages to join with Executive Director, Mark Fairfield, and the Board of Directors in the year-end campaign.

Although the focus was on donors, not dollars, TRC received a matching grant opportunity from an anonymous donor who offered $15,000 if at least 200 new donors gave during the campaign.  Thanks to the hard work of staff and volunteers,  TRC beat that goal and received the matching grant.  For staff and volunteers, reaching this goal meant ten-minute chair massages and an ice-cream social as part of staff appreciation week.  Those who brought in at least ten new donors were also celebrated at special dinner hosted by the Development Committee .  TRC staff and volunteers are our best ambassadors and keeping them involved in base-building and fundraising is vital to our sustainability .  

Of course we also owe a huge debt of gratitude to every single one of the donors, both returning and new, who gave during the 2016 Year-End Appeal.  Without the generosity of so many, we would not be able to continue our work. So, to all of our 2016 donors, thank you for being a part of our community!  The Relational Center would not exist without your support.